Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Cake

Happy Halloween, everyone! I'm really excited for this post for two reasons:
  1. I finally got a holiday-themed post in before the holiday was over!
  2. This is just so cute!
I saw a pumpkin-shaped cake on facebook and thought "Hey, I could do that!" So I bought a basic (aka cheap) bunt pan, and, yay! Here it is!

2 Devil's Food bunt cakes (I recommend Duncan Hines -- oh so moist!)
2 Devil's Food cupcakes
Frosting ( I used the Raspberry Coconut Dream frosting with orange extract instead of raspberry) divided into 2/3 orange, 1/6 green, and 1/6 black colors

Make the bunt cakes following the box directions. Make one cupcake from each of the mixes.

A trick I learned from my mother is to fill any empty slots in your muffin pan with water to help it bake evenly and not ruin your pan.

Cool the cakes completely. Cut the bottom of both bunts so that they are flat.

Place one cake on your cake plate cut side up. Frost it. Place the other cake cut side down on top and line up the ridges from the bunt pan.

Starting at the top of the cake, carefully draw the orange frosting down the sides. This helps to avoid any crumbs getting in your frosting. You can also do a crumb coat on your cake, if you have time.

Lightly frost one of the cupcakes and put it in the bunt hole top-up to "plug" the hole. Fill the hole with some of the cake cut off the bottom of the bunts.

Carefully frost across the plugged-up hole. Frost the second cupcake green, and place it top-down in the center of the cake.

Add finishing touches such as leaves, curly vines, and Jack-O-Lantern face with remaining green and black frosting.

Place the remaining crumbs around the bottom for a dirt effect.

This makes a very, very large cake. It served 30 people, and we still had some left over.

Printed version

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