Sunday, January 27, 2013

Reuchel Sandwiches

A classic Reuben sandwich has corned beef, sauerkraut, Thousand Island dressing, Swiss cheese, and rye bread. A Rachel has a lot of the same stuff, except it's made with pastrami and coleslaw. For the Reuchel, we used pastrami, Thousand Island dressing, Jarlsburg (a type of Swiss cheese), sauerkraut, and white bread. We also threw on some red onion, just for good measure.

4 slices of bread
Generous amounts of Jarlsburg cheese
Heaps of sauerkraut
Scads of sliced red onion
Mounds of pastrami (about 3 large slices per sandwich)
Thousand Island dressing

To assemble the sandwiches, spread both slices of bread with dressing. Place the other ingredients on the sandwich in any order you want.

Butter the outsides the sandwich. Grill until golden brown.

Eat hot.

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